Envision IP: Auto Industry May Ignore Tesla Patents

In light of Tesla’s open-patent announcement, Envision IP and Deltasight analyzed Tesla’s US patent portfolio to understand which technologies the company has proprietary rights to. Earlier this month, Tesla announced that it will let other companies use its patented technologies … Continued

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We’re launching Deltasight Data Services

Since the end of 2013 we have been involved in a range of exciting data projects that utilize Deltasight’s Innovation Graph and data analysis technologies. In reaction to the positive feedback and continued demand, we have decided to make this … Continued

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Envision IP: Box Prepares for its IPO With a Trove of Pending Patent Applications

Originally published at and written by Maulin V. Shah, infographics by Deltasight. Box, Inc.’s S-1 filing for its IPO was released last week.  Envision IP reviewed the filing to understand how Box has protected its technology, and how its patent portfolio compares against its peers. … Continued

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Envision IP: Uber and Sidecar Patent Portfolios Lead the Ridesharing Industry

Originally published at and written by Maulin V. Shah, infographics by Deltasight. Last November, AllThingsD reported that ride-sharing and ride-hailing services Lyft, Uber, and Sidecar were close to “cloning each other”, as the companies offered similar services and features via their apps.  Envision IP analyzed … Continued

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Infographic: The NPE (including “Patent Trolls”) Minefield

Non-Practicing Entities (NPEs) and Patent Assertion Entities (PAEs), sometimes referred to as “patent trolls”, are causing heated discussions in the intellectual property space. They are commonly described as entities whose core business model is using IP to collect licensing fees instead … Continued

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Deltasight exhibiting its technologies at CeBIT 2014 as a CODE_n finalist

At the end of next week we’re heading to Hannover to present at one of the world’s largest IT exhibitions. We were fortunate to be picked as finalist in the CODE_n competition and will be exhibiting at the fabulous-looking CODE_n … Continued

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Infographic: Forbes and Deltasight on Banks’ IP Positions

Forbes’ Haydn Shaughnessy and Deltasight collaborated on exploring the patent data of American and European banks in a Forbes’ article published yesterday. The infographic reveals two key aspects of the banks’ innovation facts – the amount of patents owned and … Continued

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Infographic: The “new” Nokia – a mapping and navigation giant?

When Nokia decided to sell its devices division to Microsoft, many people were under the impression that this was the end of the Finnish national pride. But the mobile company (which in its best days counted for a fifth of … Continued

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Infographic: How does Twitter’s IP compare to Facebook and Linkedin?

Twitter will be offering its shares to the public later this week. It’s a long-waited debut which, following Facebook’s controversial IPO last year, is very closely watched by the whole investment community. We took a quick look at Twitter’s patent portfolio … Continued

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The Rise of the Innovation Economy – Part 2

(continued from part 1…) The knowledge economy The concept of innovation has a long history dating back to 500 BC in the ancient Greece where inventors were granted certain rights for profits arising from their inventions. It raises an interesting question – does an … Continued

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